Compare versions of Massage Chairs Massage Lift Chairs and Portable SitNStand |

Compare versions of Massage Chairs Massage Lift Chairs and Portable SitNStand

I hope that this information helps some customers choose the right chair or device.  When I started looking for a power lift recliner 12 years ago for my grandmother they did not have all the new technologies as they do today so it seemed easier to choose. Today they have better technologies which can make it a bit overwhelming if you don't know the difference between them so I am writing this based on my personal knowledge and experience as well as what I have researched on Power Lift Massage Chairs and Massage Chairs and now a portable lift chair. There are so many different names these days hopefully the information in this blog will help ease the decision making and buying process.


As with growing age, sometimes you may feel discomfort in sitting in chairs or on sofas and having difficulties getting up from a sitting to standing position. If it is happening, then why not buy a chair or portable device which can provide health benefits, comfort and mobility and independence all in one. We will be discussing the Power Lift Massage Chairs, and Massage Reclining Chairs and a Portable Lift Chair. There are multiple versions of Power Lift Reclining Chairs, yet we, we are offering the best Power Lift Massage Chairs, Massage Chairs and the all new portable SitNStand lift chair on the market today. Knowing about the chairs, their features along with their benefits can ease the buying experience and cater to different needs and wants

As we describe below the differences between the versions, you the buyer will hopefully have better insight and are able to choose the right  chair that meets your needs and wants. Even if it is not one of ours hopefully you will leave with more knowledge about the differences between the variety out in the market today.

The Massage Lift Reclining Chairs, and Massage Recliners which we provide have different settings just like the non-massage power lift chairs. Our chairs offer versions ranging from 2D- Position to 3D- Position and the new 4D as well as Infinite Position and Zero Gravity. S-Track and L-Track. We have one of the best portable lift chairs on the market the one and only SitNStand. All lift chairs and portable lift chair will lift the user from sitting to standing and can assist in standing to sitting position. The 2 position does not only mean there are only 2 positions just as a 3 position does not mean that there are only 3 positions. The chairs can be stopped in any position by pressing and or releasing the control buttons at any point while in motion. The difference between the 2 position, 3 position is the reclining mechanism for the footrest/ottoman positioning.

L-Track & S-Track

The L-Track starts at the base of your head and travels all the way down your back, and the wraps underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs. The S-Track ensures that the massage roller will follow the natural curvature of your spine.


2D-Position Massage Chair

This version the 2D- position lift chair is where the chair leans back with the ottoman up. Basically this is the original positions of a reclining chair. This version has the gap in between the seat and ottoman leaving an open area when reclined back. A 2D-position lift chair has a single motor that runs the back recliner as well as the ottoman. The chair will provide you two different positions sitting upright or reclined back with feet up.

Key Features

• It can recline up 45 degree range • Supportive yet comfortable • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Easy to assemble • Most come with heat Option


3D-position Massage Chair

The 3D-position lift chair versions are highly comfortable for all types of people. It is often referred to as ( A 3 way recliner) It allows a person to recline comfortable into a sleeping position or at 140 degree angle to watch TV or the standard straight up sitting position. A 3D-position lift chair has a single motor that runs the back recliner as well as the ottoman

Key Features

• It can recline up to a 140 degree range • Supportive yet comfortable • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Easy to assemble • Most come with heat Option


4D-position Massage Chair

The 4D is the newest chair on the market some say that there is really not much difference between the 3D and the 4D. The 4D has all the beneifits as the 3D yet a 4D massage chair takes the 3D robotic technology and adds speed variation components to really give you a life-like deep tissue massage. Originally developed in Japan, engineers took an algorithm of 100s of massage therapists and mimicked their motions as they sped up and slowed down in certain areas. With a 4D chair, you have more adjustment and control at your fingertips. 

OLT-lift recliner

This recliner is a unique, luxury lift chair that provides kneading massage. The Osaki lift chair is fitted with the highest quality German motor which will help the user getting in and out of a chair easily. OLT lift chair is equipped 10 stationary kneading points, a first of kind that offers a kneading massage on back and legs. The massage is complimented by a heating pad on back seat cushion that distributes a warm heat that enhance the massage experience. The chair can hold up to 350lbs and moves quietly as it lifts and reclines.


Infinite Position

The Infinite-Position Lift Chairs allows for the body to experience a relaxed “S” Position thus for a full flat recline position for sleeping. These higher-end versions are a full chaise lounge with padding from the set all the way across the ottoman no gaps. Each may have individual specifications and slightly different functionality depending on the manufacture. These lift chairs also contain dual motors which can operate the footrest and backrest independently.

Key Features

• Full chaise lounge • Quick assembly • High back and thick cushion • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Most come with heat Option


Zero gravity chairs

 The Zero Gravity Chairs allow good posture and suspend your body in natural spine alignment. It elevates your feet in alignment with your heart and helps with better lung capacity as well as boosting circulation. When the Zero Gravity Chair is reclined you experience a weightless sensation allowing your body to deeply relax and release tension.

 Key Features

• Better for your overall health while sitting or lying. • down • Double-stuffing supports pressure points • Quick assembly • High back and thick cushion • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Most come with heat Option

SitNstand portable lift (chair not included)

SitnStand is a Portable, Smart Rising Seat, Portable Lift Chair, developed to help the elderly maintain their full independence. This lift chair is easy to use, hassle-free, and is perfect for seniors living independently. It is the perfect gift for seniors.

  • No Installation
  • No Assembly
  • No Hassle


  • 1 x SitnStand device
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag

SitNStand Portable Smart Rising Seat

  • SAFE & EASY: NO installation, NO assembly, NO problem !! The medical seat lift assist, which can be attached to recliners for the elderly, is revolutionary. Simple up/down buttons will inflate/deflate the cushion steadily as you sit down and stand up.


  • MOST CHAIR TYPES: for sitting on sofas, couches, standard chairs, armchairs and can even fit a non lifting recliner. The universal standup support device for seniors may free you of other help or assistance.


  • PATENTED (No US10400907): lifts adults up to weight of 265Lbs (120kg) due to its 4 chambers inflating to various height levels - it is handy for the small or tall. Seniors will find it an indispensable help at home or outdoors.


  • FOR EXTENDED SITTING PERIODS: Comfort is essential! Even when perfecting its ergonomic design to maintain steadiness, we made sure you feel like you are still sitting in your favourite place on the sofa (at level 0).


  • PORTABLE, LIGHT-WEIGHT & WASHABLE: weighs only 6.6Lbs (3kg) including carrying bag with strap, battery and charger. The cushion seat cover is removable, and machine washable. Uplift yourself today!


  • Is there a Minimum weight allowed?

- There is no minimum weight for the SitnStand. The only requirement to use the SitnStand is to make sure that both your legs are firmly on the floor before you start using it.

  • What is the Max weight allowed for use with the SitnStand?

- The Max weight allowed for the current model is 265 lbs.(120 kg)

  • How high will it inflate?

- It will Inflate 7.9 inches.

We ran many tests in order to find the optimal height.

We searched for the right combination of stability and the optimum height that will help you up.

Many users who would be unable to get up at all, managed to stand unaided with the SitnStand, without any risk of falling.

  • I'm under 5 feet tall, can I use SitnStand?

- Yes, you can.

The only requirement to use the SitnStand is to make sure that both your legs are firmly on the floor before you start using it.


Why to choose

We give our promise to you that we handpicked every product on our site and though we don’t have hundreds of powered massage lift chairs,massage chairs or portable lift chairs as some of the bigger store do we do have some of the highest quality and most efficient chairs on the market. We know that determining all features of any product before buying is crucial, especially buying online. We display all the features and specifications along with accurate photos and up to date videos on our site . We made sure to have the best functionality in chairs as possible so that you the customer will be satisfied while buying products from our store. 

As the provider of these products, we keep the buyer in mind as we would for our self's or our loved ones that is why we only choose the best manufacture/suppliers out there. We know that a buyer is buying a product meant to last and our suppliers offer free extended warranties as well as the option to purchase longer extended warranties at a very reasonable cost to make sure you the consumer has a product that will last a very long time while backing up their commitment of the quality of their products.  For each version, there is at least a 3 year limited of warranty.

The power chairs we are providing to our customers have all four different versions of massage chairs 2D 3D, 4D infinity and zero gravity plus the OLT power lift massage chair and portable SitNStand. We want to provide a wide variety of products that will promote comfort, Independence as well as healing elements. All our version come with remote control that is attached to the chair or a touch screen  so no more lost remotes. All of our products have features of comfort in mind of the user along with the material used these chairs are meant for long term use.

 The size of chairs are important too for most folks that is why while buying the chair from https:// we will do our best to help you find the perfect size chair. You can give us your measurement needs of the space where you want to put your chair and we will work on finding you the best fitting chair.

Please feel free to visit our site at and or contact us by email at or by phone at 541-780-8802 or live chat on our site we will gladly assist you with any inquires or questions you my have



All of us at hope that we may help you find your perfect new Power Lift Reclining Chair, Massage Reclining Chair or Portable SitNStand Device.


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