August 08, 2021

 It is said that soaking in epsom salt baths can aide in several health benefits. I am not a doctor nor a professional expert on this. All information in this blog is merely by my own experiences. I recommend everyone check with your medical provider before trying anything new that has to do with your health or your body.

There are two main ingredients in epsom salt and they are magnesium and sulfate. There is little scientific research about the effects on the body that I am going to list below, yet as I stated above this blog is on my  own personal experiences only.

I have been having issues with my skin for the past five years my feet and the palms of my hands getting very dry and itching. I have been to see several dermatologist over the last five years. Every time I went I got a new prescription and of course my insurance did not cover that cost. These expensive prescriptions rarely has any effect on my hands and feet. So I started researching for something more homeopath and less expensive. I’ve tried olive oil, mink oil, emu oil, hydrocortisone cream and so on and so on, none of these really had an effect either. I found epsom salt when researching my skin issues which surprised me. I thought salt would dry out my skin even more. There was a lot of information that epsom salts baths sooths skin so I tried it. What I found that it has helped heal my cracked dry skin and made it softer and smoother. There are several other issues besides just my skin issue, below is what I now use epsom saltfor.

First and foremost I use epsom salt to sooth my skin it helps soften my dry rough skin and it helps exfoliate dead skin cells. I have had several different diagnosis from eczema to psoriasis to them telling me they don’t know exactly what is wrong only it’s just something I have to live with for life.

I have had soreness and pain in my joints and muscles for as long as I can remember. Over the last five years it has increased to the point it effects every aspect of my life every day. My diagnosis  is artritis,lupus, auto immune, fibromyalgia all which cause inflammation and I have noticed that the epsom salt helps reduce the inflammation.  I am always looking for anything to help reduce the pain. What I found is soaking in epsom salts for my skin issues has now helped my sore muscles and painful joints.

 It has also been said that a healthy amount of magnesium levels in your body can boost your brain neurotransmitters that help with sleep and reduce stress, magnesium also is known to help your body promote its own natural melatonin a sleep hormone we all have. Having high levels of stress have been known to reduce the amount of natural melatonin our body’s produces, some say that epsom salts baths can help with sleep if soaking at night before bed.

Again these are all from my personal experiences I am not a medical or health professional. It’s a good idea to check with your health professional.


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