Comparisons of Massage Chairs Models

Here we have provided a guide that explains the differences between the versions, you the buyer will hopefully have better insight and are able to choose the right massage chair that meets your needs and wants.

2 D-Position Massage Chair

 This version the 2D- position chair is where the chair leans back with the ottoman up. Basically, this is the original positions of a reclining chair. This version has the gap in between the seat and ottoman leaving an open area when reclined back. A 2D-position lift chair has a single motor that runs the back recliner as well as the ottoman. The chair will provide you two different positions sitting upright or reclined back with feet up, the rollers in the chair move up and down and left and right. You can adjust the speed.

Key Features

  •  It can recline up 45-degree range • Supportive yet comfortable • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Easy to assemble • Most come with heat Option.

3 D-position Massage Chair

 The 3D-position chair versions are highly comfortable for all types of people. It is often referred to as (A 3 way recliner) It allows a person to recline comfortable into a sleeping position or at 140 degree angle to watch TV or the standard straight up sitting position. A 3-position lift chair has a single motor that runs the back recliner as well as the ottoman, this chair has rollers that can move left and right and up and down. These rollers also move in and out, to make it feel like a massage delivered by a human being.  

Key Features

  •  It can recline up to a 140-degree range • Supportive yet comfortable • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Easy to assemble • Most come with heat Option.

All lift chairs will lift the user from sitting to standing and can assist in standing to sit position. The 2D position does not only mean there are only 2D-positions just as a 3D-position does not mean that there are only 3D-positions. The chairs can be stopped in any position by pressing and or releasing the control buttons at any point while in motion. The difference between the 2D-position, 3D-position is the reclining mechanism for the footrest/ottoman positioning.

4 D-position Massage Chair

When developing the concept of the 4D massage chair, thousands of therapists were consulted to make the experience as close to receiving a massage from an actual therapist as possible. They also have the ability to massage legs, glutes, and hamstrings.

There is a lot of debate about how different a 4D massage differs from a 3D massage chair. So, 4D chairs do exist with functionality that separates them from 3D chairs. 

The most expensive massage chairs on the market currently, are likely to be 4D chairs. However, are they actually worth the additional money? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some people will tell you that this cutting edge of massage technology is an excellent investment, and the chairs do things the 3D chairs cannot.

Below is a video from Titan/Osaki that explains in more detail the difference between the 2D,3D and 4 D chairs?



Infinite Position

The Infinite-Position Lift Chairs allows for the body to experience a relaxed “S” Position thus for a full flat recline position for sleeping. These higher-end versions are a full chaise lounge with padding from the set all the way across the ottoman no gaps. Each may have individual specifications and slightly different functionality depending on the manufacture. These lift chairs also contain dual motors which can operate the footrest and backrest independently. 

Key Features

  •  Full chaise lounge • Quick assembly • High back and thick cushion • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Most come with heat Option.

Zero gravity chairs

The Zero Gravity Chairs allow good posture and suspend your body in natural spine alignment. It elevates your feet in alignment with your heart and helps with better lung capacity as well as boosting circulation. When the Zero Gravity Chair is reclined you experience a weightless sensation allowing your body to deeply relax and release tension.

Key Features

  • Better for your overall health while sitting or lying. • down • Double stuffing supports pressure points • Quick assembly • High back and thick cushion • Efficient controls • Operates quietly • Easy to control • Most come with heat Option

We handpicked every product on our page and though we do not have hundreds of powered massage chairs and massage lift chairs we do have the highest quality and most efficient chairs on the market. We know that determining all features of any product before buying is crucial especially online. This is why we added this guide around Massage Chairs, and we display all the features and specifications along with accurate photos on our site. We made sure to have the best functionality in chairs as possible so that you the customer will be satisfied while buying products from our store.

 The power chairs we are providing have almost all three different reclining versions. The version of 2, 3,4D and infinity and zero gravity. The purpose of our company is to provide ease and comfort to our users, which is why each function of the chair is efficient. All our version come with remote control that attached to the chair so (no more lost remotes) for easy retrieval if dropped. 

 The size of the chairs is important to fit in most rooms and homes. While buying the chair from you can give us the measurement of the space where you want to put you chair and after this, we will give you the best-fit reclining chair for those specific needs. 

As we know that a buyer is buying a product meant to last while accomplishing several goals of health and or comfort or both in most cases that is why we provide the best warranties possible by the manufacturer. As the provider of the product, we keep the buyer in mind as we would for our self or our loved ones that is why we only choose the best manufactures out there. All Massage Chairs come with a 3-year limited warranty and the option to extend the manufactures warranties. Our store offers White Glove Delivery Service as a extra add on for $250.00, this service is recommended if you have stairs or inability to have help getting the chair from the curb inside your house the chairs are heavy and you will need at-least two people to move the chair. White Glove Delivery is a nice service they will come inside your home or office put the chair where you would like it, put the chair together and remove the pallet and boxes for you. It takes a few days more to get your chair yet well worth it in my opinion.

We hope that this guide has given you some helpful information if you need any additional information, please contact us by emailing us at: or Call 1-541-780-8802