Airdog V5 Car Purifier

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David kear
Worth it!!

Great prooduct. Amazing services. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Jose Fernandez
Nice quality

Purifies air just fine, easy to operate. Did seem to clean particulates out of the air fairly quickly.  Air feels much cleaner. I recommend it for anyone. Buy it!

High quality purifier

Let me tell what a great and high quality product the manufacturer has created. That being the case this air purifier makes me breathe comfortably when I have passengers on-board for one hour rides both ways.

Haley Fox Blog
Very Nice Quality Air Purifier

From box to plug, this air purifier is that simple to use. It is very well made and comes with an easy to understand manual. Highly Recommend.

Quiet and easy to use

The air purifier has a clean design which looked nice with the black interior of my car. With its elegant design it did not stand out too much, although it would have been nicer if the size was a little smaller as this can get knocked down when the passengers are moving about. The power cord connects to the cigarettes lighter port of the car.The air purifier has three settings- low, medium, and high. During operation, it is quiet and extremely smooth. With the usual cabin noise the sound of the purifier is completely drowned out. The air flow from the purifier is also light and does not disturb at all. A big advantage with this air purifier is that the filer can be cleaned and reused. I really liked that compared to other purifiers which require a filter replacement often. Moreover, the purifier automatically lets you know when its time to clean.My main reason for getting this was to reduce dust build-up in my car during my drive to work on a dusty road. I also wanted to reduce any odor in the car, as I eat often inside the car on my way to work. After initial testing and light use I think the dust build-up shows noticeable reduction. The odor on the other hand did not reduce much.Overall, this is a great product to control dust and pollutants in your car, but with a few negatives especially considering its price.

Take Airdog’s filter free purification with you wherever you go! Originally created as a car purifier, Airdog V5 is compact and lightweight – move it from your vehicle to your office or other small space with ease & keep your breathing zone free of bacteria, allergens and pollutants!

Perfect for taxis, limos or other ride share or company vehicles!  

The Airdog V5 car air purifier is an innovative car air purifier solves all the problems with current HEPA filters using advanced TPA technology. With an impressive CADR of 14.8 m³/hr (equivalent to 14800 liters per hour), the V5 can fully filter and clean dust, pollen, dander, smoke, odors, mites, bacteria and viruses in a large SUV within a matter of minutes.

Two Pole Active (TPA) technology is an active filtration technology, which is different from HEPA passive filtration technology. TPA was based on Ionic Wind, and optimized for air filtration. V5 applies TPA in a smaller form factor. The electrical filtration enables its high collection efficiency and bacteria-killing capabilities.


  • Filter-free purification – 50x more efficient than HEPA filters in sterilizing bacteria, mold and removing smoke.
  • High Airflow – 29.43 CFM
  • 4 Speeds
  • Filter Wash Indicator – Tells you when to wash the filter
  • Car Adapter Included
  • USB Adapter Cord can plug into any laptop or cell phone wall adapter base for use in homes, hotel rooms, office cubicles, etc. Cell phone wall adapter not included.

1. Active filtration technology (TPA)

The Airdog V5 car air purifier not only cleans & filters down to 0.01 microns, our active air filtration technology (TPA) effectively sterilizes & kills bacteria/viruses while filtering.

2. Washable Filter Design

Never pay for a wasteful filter again. Easy to take out and easy to clean. Save money and the environment.

3. "SMART" Cleaning Internal Notifications

The built-in sensor allows the device to sense how dirty the collecting plates are. The device will give dash notifications when it is time to clean.

4. Control Airspeed And Noise

The V5 built-in controls for airspeed and noise. When you would like to change air flow speed, change it to manual mode and then just click once, twice, or three times to control the speed and settings.

5. Small And Portable Design

Besides using the Airdog v5 in vehicles, you may also use the v5 car air purifier in small spaces such as your cubicle, bedroom, closet, co-working area, etc.

6. "SMART" Motion Activated Features

Our V5 car air puifier smart technology turns the device on when you start driving. No need to manually turn it on under "auto" mode!

Size: 2.5 (H) x 7 (L) x 8 (W) inches
Item Weight: 12.7 ounces
Noise Level: <10
Power: 12V

Warranty – 1 Year Included with Purchase