Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair

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Its worth it!!

Very simple set up and well made massage chair :) I'm in love with it!

Massage Chair worth the purchase

This massage chair is worth it. I was skeptical but it gives a great massage for the back, shoulders, arms, feet, calves etc. I love the ease of the remote and being able to adjust the pressure of the massage.I am pleasantly surprised by the massage chair working as well as it does.

The best word for this product is AWESOME!

One of the best things I have ever purchased in my life is this massage chair.I chose it in black to match my decor. Looks great. Very comfortable.Like all the features.

Great chair

So I have had this chair for a week now and I love this chair. It does the job and really affordable compared to the other chairs. I would recommend this product if you want something to relieve your muscles.

The foot massager and neck.

The chair works perfect. I can set for 30 minutes at a time. I wish I had more time.. I love my new husband, He's the only husband I don't have to feed, give anything to and fall asleep on him and he begs for more. He rubs my aching feet as long as I like. This is the life for me. Theeeeeee best investment I have ever made, besides my home.

Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair

User Maximum Weight: 350 lbs


  • 4D Massage
  • 12 Stages of Strength Adjustment
  • Double Sensors for Shoulder
  • Double Heater
  • 41 types Kneading
  • Stretch Massage
  • Triple Mode Air System
  • 21 types auto course
  • 30min VIP course
  • Touch Screen  Controller

  • Osaki Japan Premium 4S Features

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S 4D Massage Roller

    4D Massage Roller

    Collaborating with professional massage therapists throughout Japan, Osaki has added a speed variation to each style to create a 4th dimension. The speed variations make the massage head feel more humanistic than robotic. The Osaki Japan Premium 4S MASSAGE CHAIRis one of the most life-like massage chairs on the market.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Ball Massage Head

    2 Ball Massage Head System

    The Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair comes equipped with one of the most advanced roller technologies on the market. The dual-head massage can achieve more techniques and a better massage over the traditional quad-style roller with 85 kneading techniques. The advanced 2 ball massage head system moves three-dimensionally and can travel in and out up to 5 inches in depth to provide a better and deeper massage.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Double Body Sensing Scan

    Double Sensing Body Scan

    The Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair comes equipped with a dual auto-detection body scan that optimizes the roller to detect your acupoints along your back and even optimize the depth of the massage.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Upper Shoulder Massage

    Upper Shoulder Massage

    The two-ball roller head system can retract and extend to about 5 inches, allowing it to hit areas most typical chairs can’t reach. A common area where tensions and stress are the upper part of the shoulders which is connected to the back of the head through the neck. The rollers heads of this device will extend out to their maximum length above the shoulders and then firmly press down stretching the muscles.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Triple Air Mode

    Triple Air Mode Air System

    The Triple Mode Air System will provide therapeutic relief for sore muscles and promote blood circulation. This flow rate adjustment comes with 3 modes to tailor your massage to your needs: Knead, Pulse, and Normal.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Air Compression Massage

    Air Compression Technology

    The Osaki Japan Premium 4S comes equipped with 34 next-generation airbags that provide a thorough and full body compression massage targeting your feet and legs, hands and arms, shoulders, and waist, and pelvis. The soothing air massage combined with the massage roller offers a full body massage to work out any tension and stress that you may have.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Hand and Arm Massage

    Hands and Arm Massage

    As you insert your arms into the unique butterfly design, it will position the palm of the hands vertically. Simultaneously the hands and forearms will be massaged as the airbag inflates. The tapered design will contour the arms for an even massage.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Shoulder Massage

    Shoulder Massage

    Equipped on the upper sides of the backrest are 2 airbag massagers. As the airbags inflate, they will compress the shoulder inwards. The shoulder airbags may also inflate to hold you in place as the back rollers apply a soothing massage.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Hip Massage

    Hip Massage

    Along the sides of the seat base of the Osaki Japan Premium 4S Massage Chair are airbags on each side. As they inflate, it will squeeze the hips.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Foot and Calf Massage

    Foot & Calf Massage

    The calf massage is curved on the outer walls so that it will wrap around the calves as it inflates. There are also airbags on the back of the calves for a complete massage. Your feet will be massaged by airbags that are lined along the sides, pressing the feet down to the base of the sole acupressure balls.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Automatic Programs

    Automatic Programs

    The Osaki Japan Premium 4S is so versatile due to the revolutionary dual ball design; it comes equipped with 25 Programs that will suit almost anyone.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S 30 Minute Programs

    30 minute Course Auto Programs

    • Sommelier Program - Luxury and comfortable relax program as if the massage is done by multiple people starting with a warm-up to cool down.
    • Slow Stretch - The Stretch Program stretches your body slowly and carefully.
    • Air Relaxation Program - Promotes blood circulation with comfortable stimulation of the airbags. A relaxation program designed to removed fatigue and restore your body.
    Osaki Japan Premium 4S 16 Minute Programs

    16 Minute Programs

    • Whole Body - Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, Whole Body, Relax Whole Body Soft.
    • Neck and Shoulder - Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, Whole Body Relax.
    • Waist Program - Kiwami Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Whole Body Refresh, Whole Body Relax.
    • Stretch Programs - Extreme Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Air.
    • Memory Programs - Create and store your very own massage programs.
    Osaki Japan Premium 4S 7 Minute Programs

    7 Minute Programs

    • Neck Focus Massage - Massages with a press and release from the neck muscle to the shoulder.
    • Shoulder Focus Massage - Hard massage on the shoulder and the area around the shoulder by rubbing, kneading, and tapping.
    • Shoulder Blade Focus Massage - Massage with stretching and flexing from the shoulder blade to the pivot muscle of the body.
    • Waist Focus Massage - Massage with rubbing and tapping from the back to the lower part of the waist mainly on the spinal column.
    • Sciatic Focus Massage - Massage with rubbing and tapping by pushing up the buttocks with the airbag in the seat.
    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Memory Program

    Memory Programs

    Create your own preset program using the memory storage capability. Select your favorite massage combination, put it into memory so that the next time simply press a single button to start where you left off.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Stretch Programs

    Stretching Programs

    There are multiple modes of stretching that will focus on either your neck, shoulder, waist, knee, and feet. This will help to relieve joint pain and provide greater flexibility for each region.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Heat Therapy

    Heat Therapy

    Located in the feet and lumbar of the Osaki Japan Premium 4S area are heat pads that warm up your muscles and joints. As the muscles warm-up, the tissue will loosen up and allow the massage chair to provide you with a better, more therapeutic massage.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Leg Extension

    Automatic Leg Extension

    The Osaki Japan Premium 4S massage chair comes equipped with a fully automatic leg ottoman. The leg rest can be raised, lowered, extended, or retracted using the center control panel of the remote. This will allow for a variety of different users to enjoy a custom-fitted massage. The chair can fit a person up to 6’3” with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Adjustability


    You have complete control over your massage. 12 intensity adjustments, 4-speed adjustments, 3 massage roller width adjustments, 5 intensity adjustments for the airbags that can be set independently for each area.

    Osaki Japan Premium 4S Remote Control

    Remote Control

    At your fingertips is a full-color touch panel remote with an advanced design that combines functionality and design for a luxurious feeling. Through the touch screen, everything the Osaki Japan Premium 4S is capable of can be operated with a touch of a finger.


    Air Massage Shoulders, Arms, Waist, Hips, Calves, Feet
    Height Range 4'11" - 6'1"
    Controller Types Slim Button Style Remote
    Dimensions Upright 48"L x 30"W x 36"H
    Dimensions Recline 79"L x 34"W x 28"H
    Weight 164lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions 52"L x 30"W x 36"H