Osaki OLT-BB Massage Lift Chair

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Great massage chair

This chair was simple to put together. Customer support was excellent and timely in response to written questions. Would recommend this chair great value and comfort for a reasonable price. If you’ve been considering it’s well worth it. Treat yourself amazingly.

Great product

Amazing relaxation for the price. Arrived on time. Such a relief for chonic pain.

Absolutely love this chair.

Absolutely love this chair! I sit in it at least once a day. Super easy to put together. Helps getting relax my body. Highly recommended!!

Great for relieving muscle tension and knots.

I often wake up with a stiff back in the morning. This chair is really good at relieving that muscle tension so I can do my morning workouts without fear of tearing anything. Also, I have muscle knots on my upper back that the chair targets perfectly. Really good purchase!

Total relaxation

This is the best massage chair have ever sit in. Just wanted to sleep in very first session. It helps in relaxing..

Osaki OLT-BB Massage Lift Chair

Osaki OLT-BB is a 3 position recliner that comes in leatherette upholstery only (reclines at 140 degrees). This recliner is a unique luxury lift chair that provides kneading massage. The Osaki lift chair is fitted with the highest quality German motor which help the user getting in and out of a chair easily. OLT-BB lift chair is equipped 10 stationary kneading points, a first of kind that offers a kneading massage on back and legs. The massage is complimented by a heating pad on back seat cushion that distributes a warm heat that enhance the massage experience. The chair can hold up to 350lbs and moves quietly as it lifts and reclines.



  • Okin Motors

  • Lifting Up & Down

  • Recline

  • Kneading massage on back / waist and calf area

  • Heating Feature

  • Remote Controller

  • Side Pocket

  • Easy Removal Back Cushion

Okin Motors

Osaki use only the best parts and the lifting chair is no exception. The OKIN motor is German engineered delivering a quiet action with smooth movements.

Lifting Up & Down

The easy to use remote allows the user to automatically move to help them get seated, reclined and to stand. The reclines to approximately 160 degrees.


As the OLT-BB Lifting chair reclines, the leg ottoman will raise up providing support to the legs.


Kneading massage on back / waist and calf area

The kneading leg massagers are located at the center of the ottoman. The rotating action provides a soothing massage to the calf area depending on the height of the user.

Heating Feature

Heating pads are located in the seat and mid-lower back. The warm heat application enhances the massage experience and the same time loosen muscles to help relax. The heating feature can be turned on or off.

Remote Controller

OLT-BB luxury lift chair has a simple and easy to use remote control. The remote controller has a LED screen with blue back light to make it visible in the dark. As the chair reclines, the stronger the massage will become with more body weight being applying to the massage heads.

Side Pocket

On the side of the massaging lift chair are large pockets on both sides to store away the remote, magazines and any other articles you may want to have at your disposal when using the massage chair.

Easy Removal Back Cushion

The Osaki massaging lift chair comes with an additional pad for users that prefer a milder massage. If the user wishes to make the massage stronger simply remove the pad that is attached by velcro.


Product Name OLT-BB Luxury Lift Chair
Power Supply 110~120V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50W
Default timer Maximum Duty Cycle: 2min. ON/18mins
Dimensions (LxWxH) Upright: 36.6"x36"x42.3"
Reclined: 64.4"x36"x32.3"
Storage Condition -104°F~158°F
Operation Condition 50°F~104°F
Maximum body weight of user 350 lbs