SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat (Chair Not Included)

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Tammy Borges
Excellent Product & Customer Service

We purchased this product to assist my husband who is losing motor function and mobility. We recieved it promptly and set up according to instructions. The unit had a defect and failed after just two weeks but I reached out to the company directly and they were fantastic!They sent out a new unit right away and we were able to get back up and running in a few days. The company followed up with me to make sure we received it and that all was ok.The new unit is functioning and is a life saver for my back. Could not ask for better service that we received.Thank you SitnStand!

Rita Ravin
What a big help this is!

I have difficulty getting up from chairs, especially those without arms. This is a wonderful product so far. It�s new still but it really works. I use a walker so I am not going to be carrying it from one place to another. I am going to order another one for a different chair in another room. Only thing that I wish would be that it were less costly.

This product returns independence, it's a game changer!

I read a lot of reviews and always worry that the positive reviews were paid for and not genuine, but I can promise you I was not paid, I bought this for my father who was struggling to get up from his recliner chair. It is expensive but I figured it was less expensive than one of those lift chairs, and as a bonus it is portable, he could put it on any chair or even take it with him if need be.The other thing I worried about was comfort, because even it worked to lift him, it requires you to sit on it for extended periods of time for it to lift you when you need it and my dad is fussy! It is not only comfortable but really works. It inflates in 4 levels and he doesn't even need them all, usually only uses the first 2 levels and it makes is MUCH easier to stand up. Then leaving it raised, makes sitting easier too.The service it provides really is priceless, giving independence back, and making getting up and down safer. I am so grateful to the inventors of this product. THANK YOU!I would love to see a foundation started to donate these to people who can't afford them. I am happy to give this product a 5 start rating.

eileen smith
Top quality product

This chair lift has been a godsend for my husband. It really does what it says it will do. I have taken it with us when we go out or go to another home. He wouldn't be able to get up and down without it. I'm so thankful to have come across this item and highly recommend it.

Great Product AND Great Service

We ordered this product even though skeptical, because it sounded perfect. In fact, it has exceeded our expectations. It is easy to understand and set up; it works amazingly well; it is simple to care for; and when we needed some assistance with something, the service-support people were all over it, and pleasant.

SitnStand Portable Self Rising Lift Chair (Chair Not Included)

SitnStand is a Portable, Smart Rising Seat, Portable Lift Chair, developed to help the elderly maintain their full independence. This lift chair is easy to use, hassle-free, and is perfect for seniors living independently. It is the perfect gift for seniors.

  • No Installation
  • No Assembly
  • No Hassle


  • 1 x SitnStand device
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag

SitNStand Portable Smart Rising Seat

  • SAFE & EASY: NO installation, NO assembly, NO problem !! The medical seat lift assist, which can be attached to recliners for the elderly, is revolutionary. Simple up/down buttons will inflate/deflate the cushion steadily as you sit down and stand up.


  • MOST CHAIR TYPES: for sitting on sofas, couches, standard chairs, armchairs and can even fit a non lifting recliner. The universal standup support device for seniors may free you of other help or assistance.


  • PATENTED (No US10400907): lifts adults up to weight of 265Lbs (120kg) due to its 4 chambers inflating to various height levels - it is handy for the small or tall. Seniors will find it an indispensable help at home or outdoors.


  • FOR EXTENDED SITTING PERIODS: Comfort is essential! Even when perfecting its ergonomic design to maintain steadiness, we made sure you feel like you are still sitting in your favourite place on the sofa (at level 0).


  • PORTABLE, LIGHT-WEIGHT & WASHABLE: weighs only 6.6Lbs (3kg) including carrying bag with strap, battery and charger. The cushion seat cover is removable, and machine washable. Uplift yourself today!


  • Is there a Minimum weight allowed?

- There is no minimum weight for the SitnStand. The only requirement to use the SitnStand is to make sure that both your legs are firmly on the floor before you start using it.

  • What is the Max weight allowed for use with the SitnStand?

- The Max weight allowed for the current model is 265 lbs.(120 kg)

  • How high will it inflate?

- It will Inflate 7.9 inches.

We ran many tests in order to find the optimal height.

We searched for the right combination of stability and the optimum height that will help you up.

Many users who would be unable to get up at all, managed to stand unaided with the SitnStand, without any risk of falling.

  • I'm under 5 feet tall, can I use SitnStand?

- Yes, you can.

The only requirement to use the SitnStand is to make sure that both your legs are firmly on the floor before you start using it.


Maximum Weight Recommendation

265 Pounds

Item Weight

6.6 Pounds